Search Engine Placement Tips:
  • Do not write short content
  • Do not spam
  • Do not have duplicate content
  • Do not use frames
  • Do write a lot of content
  • Do ask for links
  • Do tell everyone about your site

Search engine placement is one of the best things you can do for your website. When I wanted to start my own business I knew I needed to market my store one way or another but I didn't know which way would be better. Yes, I could have paid for advertisement and spend even more money every month to make sure that I am listed in search engines.

After a few months of constant thinking and debating I realized that getting a service from a company that offers search engine placement would probably be good.

I did my search on search engine placement I realized that I probably wouldn't get the services for optimization for my site, which was completely fine with me. Search engines are pretty tricky, I learned that one day you might be listed on a search engine and the next day you wouldn't be listed at all. With my search engine placement service I'm sure my company will do their best to have me listed in the search engines that I paid for.

A few months after my website was up and running my sister decided that she wanted to do her own online business too, so I told her about my search engine placement on search engines she thought it was a good idea. But she also thought that search engine optimization was also a good idea to do on a website so she also got that package too.

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