Search engine marketing usually refers to getting mass amount of visitors to a website. While search engine placement mostly refers to get a website placed on the natural search results of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

My neighbor decided that she wanted to do her own business online and sell some collectibles, so that was when she decided to look into companies that offer search engine placement. She found a few companies that offer the service but she wasn't sure exactly what search engine placement meant. So she tried to call other companies that might helped her out and get more information about search engines and how they word.

So there was this one company that she called that explained everything to her. And they even told her that she didn't have to worry about anything because they would take care of everything her website needed. They told her that her website would be properly optimized and that her website would be search engine friendly so that her website would come up on search results when people searched for her words on her website. My neighbor was so excited that her website was going to have a search engine placement.

A few months after her exciting story I decided to do my own website and sell my own stuff and make some extra cash. I hired my neighbors search engine placement company and I'd have to say, they do a really good job on their optimization and their search engine placements because in a matter for a few weeks after they were done working on my site my website was listed on the first page of several search engines.

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